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Monthly Zoom Get-Together | Becky Beresford

Women, including Christians, have been flooded with messages of empowerment from culture, but how much of this well-intentioned advice is actually biblical? During our time together, Becky Beresford will help us shift away from society’s version of self-empowerment, and we...

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16 March 2024

Monthly Zoom Get-Together | Bertie Kirchhofer

Do you feel unqualified to mentor others because of your personal weaknesses, lack of Bible knowledge, or regrets about your past? You’re not alone. Bertie, too, felt totally unqualified and incompetent for such a task!  Single, task-oriented and of retirement...

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17 February 2024

Monthly Zoom Get-Together | Candid Conversations

Difficult people are all around us, and we may even experience them the most at our job. The world loves to gossip about, backstab, and avoid difficult people, among other things, but Jesus said that the world would know we...

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13 January 2024

Monthly Zoom Get-Together | Christmas 2023 Celebration

Come celebrate Christmas with your Christian Working Woman family! This annual celebration has become a favorite, and you won’t want to miss it. So, get cozy with a warm blanket and cup of hot cocoa and join us as Mary...

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02 December 2023

Monthly Zoom Get-Together | Simone Halpin

Thousands of people are trafficked in the United States each year, and it’s happening in every state. It could be happening right outside your front door, but there is hope! Simone Halpin, co-founder and executive director of Naomi’s House joined...

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11 November 2023

Monthly Zoom Get-Together | Michelle Hammond

Life is good at throwing curveballs. The question isn’t if a shift will happen but rather what we will do when it happens. Michelle McKinney Hammond, known as the “Queen of Reinvention,” has experienced shifts throughout her life and has...

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21 October 2023

Monthly Zoom Get-Together | Sherry Harney: Organic Disciples

What if every time we took a step closer to Jesus, we were also moving deeper into the world he loves?  What if growing in Jesus helped us go with Jesus on his amazing and world-changing mission?Imagine each time you...

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16 September 2023

Monthly Zoom Get-Together | Heather Holleman: The Six Conversations

How can we connect in an age of isolation and incivility? How can we foster meaningful connection with others? It is time to reimagine better conversations. Heather Holleman has explored this topic in depth and aims to connect people in...

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15 July 2023

Monthly Zoom Get-Together | Naomi Jaynes: Thriving on the Vine

Zoom Get-Together June 17, 2023 | 10amDaily we have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those within our spheres of influence. Some days we rise to the challenge while other days we miss the mark entirely. ...

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17 June 2023

Monthly Zoom Get-Together | Dámaris Carbaugh – How can I not complain?!

As children of light we should live lives that shine in this very dark world—but this is challenging to say the least!  We can all probably say that we feel like it’s becoming nearly impossible to not complain or argue!...

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13 May 2023