I have been struggling with a difficult relationship with my grown daughter. After your class last night I received a call from my 15 year old granddaughter. She and her mother were having trouble. I see the Lord working in all of it and ask for wisdom and discernment as well as guidance in praying and proceeding or being still and letting God work.


Please pray for me to obtain a great job that I can handle with courage confidence and enjoyment. Thank you!


Pray for my relationship with the man I love.


Please pray for me to get closer to God and healing for me and my family.  Also wisdom and a understanding heart.


Please pray for me!  I’m not at peace where I work. I love working and I want to be happy.


My son Alex is feeling called to enter the seminary after medical school graduation instead of starting his residency. Prayers for discernment. Thank you!


Saved yet homeless at 74 — sleeping under a highway bridge. Need strength and to hear the WORD of GOD! Please say a prayer for me. I really need GOD’S help!


Please pray for me. I am currently looking for employment and to also start my own business. Amen


Please pray for me. I have been having some health issues and need to do more testing next month. Praying that everything will be fine.


Currently out of work and looking for a job that is totally remote so I am able to work anywhere I am. Thank you for your prayers.


Please pray for Lawrence that his mind will be healed.


Please pray I will find a full-time job soon and be able to sleep at night.