Please pray protection for me at work from gossip. Please deal with my enemies. Bless them and lead them to salvation. Please Lord also rescue me from further harm and let me be set free and transferred to a new team. Let justice prevail. Let the enemies mouths be silenced.


Pray for me as I step out on faith asking God to lead me to my next destination and step in life. He has always taken care of me no matter what, so I have faith now, but I love to elicit prayers for the future that God has in mind for me in doing this.


Our marriage is under attack. Pray for our marriage to get back into unity. Help him to control his anger & be able to communicate. Help me to say and do the right things. Please pray for my husband’s health too. He does not take care of it & it’s getting worse.


Please pray for continued strength to accept and heal my relationship with my sister. Please prayer for my niece and nephew to find the Lord as well as discernment for me as a mom to be the best mom for my adult “kids.”


My sister, Mary Jo,  has an interview for a teaching job very close to home. It is the same grade level that she teaches now, but her school now is very far from home. She would like to work closer to home. Please pray for favor with the Principal and that the interview goes well for her.


I trust in the Lord for his help. He is my refuge. Pray for me in the fight against false doctrine who not confess Jesus. Pray for my brothers Heikkis’ and Karis’ life.


Please pray that I find a good job in the Chicagoland area that will support me and my family.


Please pray for my employer and pray for me and my family. I’m facing termination of employment for staying home as my 10 year old son’s classroom is closed due to COVID. I’ve used all leaves due to COVID related events including 3 deaths. Unless my school district has a change of heart I will be terminated according to disciplinary actions stated in the contract.


Please pray for me, as I intend to apply for a new job in a totally different industry that I’m working in. Also for relationship reconciliation between me and my sibling.


I would ask you all to join me in thanksgiving because Lord has been kind to my family and me during this quarantine. My husband and I were able to keep our jobs during 2020. I ask Lord’s mercy now to bless my husband with a new teaching job opportunity for 2021 since his contract finished last month. And also for all young men and women, including my 23-year-old son, looking for guidance in their professional lives in the midst of this pandemic.


Please pray for my wife America for emotional and family restoration. Pray for our finances and our health.


Please pray for my relationship. We have loved each other for several years, but because of distance, school work and his battle with depression we have not been able to be together. We will see each other again in June and I just pray that we will finally be able to enter into a relationship with one another and begin our lives together, if it is God’s will for us.