I accepted a ministry position last September in a small church. I find myself struggling in relationships with those who do not agree with some new policies. Please pray that I will have wisdom and grace in handling our relationships. I also have our ministry’s largest event coming up in less than 2 months and I feel overwhelmed. I need faith & the will to work hard.


Brenda had surgery for a total hip replacement on April 13, 2021. She is only in her mid 50’s and now unable to walk and is confined to crutches or wheelchair. Please pray for her complete healing.


May Jesus Christ intervene in the lives of my unbelieving spouse & daughter bringing them to saving faith. Pray also that my son Greg find a Christian woman to marry if it is God’s will.


Healing for my mom and dad. And prayers for me as I deal with negative things on my job – I feel like quitting.


My son had his heart broken and has never recovered to open up and let love back into his life. Please pray that he turns to Jesus for healing, support and learns to love again. Pray for his anxiety to lessen as well as his loneliness.


I am in the last 2 weeks of the school year. The pressure is great and I am stressed out. Please pray that I end the school year on a positive note with everyone I work with. In addition, please pray that both my sister, Mary Jo, and I can get teaching jobs close to home for the next school year.


Pray for protection on worksite for a 63 yr old. There are unfair work assignments and favoritism in this workplace.


I ask that you pray for me to keep my eyes focused and fixed on the Lord Jesus and to desire more of his Word and for his protection at home.


I know Jesus as my Savior, but I can’t stop crying and I feel overwhelming anxiety.


Pray for difficult family relationships, for protection and for truth to prevail. Pray for strength and courage in dealing with these matters.


Prayers for health and happiness for my son and my new grandbaby coming. I also need prayers for a difficult job situation I have found myself in. Praying for a good resolution.


I need serious prayer in overcoming anxiety. It’s affecting me as a mom to my two boys and my relationship with my mother. Thank you!