It is our honor to pray for you!

The staff at the Christian Working Woman meet on a regular basis to pray for these requests listed below. Would you partner with us as we uphold one another in prayer? Let us approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need (Hebrews 4:16).


I am a teenage boy, a believer, and am asking you to pray for me so that I may have health, happiness, prosperity, love, success and everything will be fine with me.


Please pray for the following:
1. Thomas – Deliverance from gluttony and undisciplined lifestyle. After consulting with the doctor his organs are mostly in border situation. God have mercy on his health.
2. Leo – Healing from enlargement of the prostate.
3. Emelda – Healing from Thyroid cancer, flu and cough and colon problem.


Please pray for my protection from the hate and bullying of my boss. Pray that truth will be spoken, gossip will stop and relationships will be healed. Pray that my honor and good work will be recognized. And that my boss will learn to be a good and fair leader.


In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray for deliverance and protection from evil, reconciliation with Jim and for his infidelity to cease. That he will immediately come home to me today and realize how special our marriage was and he that will start trying to repair our marriage and he will break up with the other woman today and completely stay away from her forever. in Jesus’ name.


Please pray fervently that Beth and her teammates are not affected by the layoffs at work and to have assurance of it soon!


Please pray for my family. My wife, who does not know God, wants a divorce. Our two children are suffering. Please pray that God intervenes and brings healing to our marriage and family.


Please pray that I get good results this week after my mammogram. Also ask God to keep my sons mentally and physically healthy. Lastly, please pray for this young man I see walking the streets. Bring him to Jesus.


Dentist pulling tooth today, said the lump on my gum is an abscess caused by the tooth. Another dentist said it might be fibroma. I cannot afford to have a tooth pulled if it’s not needed and then have to go back and pay money for the fibroma removal. Pray this is the right decision.


Pray that my husband will want to work.


My request is that I focus on God and I pray the same for my future husband. I pray against any distractions, against lusts of the flesh and I pray for a hunger after God and righteousness. That we are allowing God to prune us and we are not just learning about God but choosing to be more like Jesus with our actions. I pray that we don’t entertain anything or anyone that isn’t serving us purpose and that we know how to treat each other when that time comes.


I am wanting prayer for my mouth that God will heal it. That my faith will get stronger and the sound of my voice sweeter.


Please pray for me. I am very sick and need sleep.