The staff at the Christian Working Woman meet on a regular basis to pray for these requests listed below. Would you partner with us as we uphold one another in prayer? Let us approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need (Hebrews 4:16).


Please pray for my relationship with my sister. I need prayers for wisdom about how to navigate a challenging situation that has brought about hurt between us. Pray that I can set healthy boundaries and offer forgiveness.

Anna Maria

Please pray my three children and five siblings come to know Christ as their Lord and Savior. That they will repent from their sin and receive God’s grace and love. Please pray for my ex-husband to be delivered from addictions from drugs, alcohol, and gambling. And pray for me to be delivered from food addictions and for a godly husband to partner with me in this life.


Please pray for my mom Amberly’s infection. Pray for him to give us a miracle that would heal her, and to protect us from evil.


Please pray that God will deliver Luis from his drinking and bring him to salvation. And that God will restore our broken marriage. May God work in both our lives drawing us closer to him.


Please pray for my son , Jesse, he just told me he doesn’t believe in God or Jesus. When he was younger he did believe and was even baptized. He married a nonbeliever, please pray that he returns to God.


Please pray for God’s light to shine at work and that he will turn things around financially and that the culture at work will change to that of supportive, collaborative, compassionate, and loving instead of competitive, destructive, and full of gossip.


Please pray for my son, Joshua, that God would dissolve the tumor on his pituitary gland, and that his hormones become perfectly balanced. Pray for his salvation and that his heart will be turned toward God for help during this time in his life. And that God will provide one or two godly friends.


Pray for financial provision and a job for a 64 year old in need.


Pray for my brother that he overcomes battles in his life and comes to repentance of his sins and gives his life to Jesus. Pray for protection over our relationship.


My job has become difficult to manage. The workload has increased and I am struggling to keep up and meet expectations. Please pray for this part of my life and my service to others in this role.


Please pray for me and my family’s financial needs.


Please pray for my healing of MS and for my husband and family’s salvation.