It is our honor to pray for you!

The staff at the Christian Working Woman meet on a regular basis to pray for these requests listed below. Would you partner with us as we uphold one another in prayer? Let us approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need (Hebrews 4:16).


Please pray for my cat, Patrick, who is diabetic, so that he can drink water and eat his food. Pray that God provides a miracle and save his life.


Prayer for my job as I continue to seek God’s help in a toxic environment. Please pray for God’s peace and favor on me to do a good job, protection of my job, and for managers to be kind, considerate and reasonable. Prayer too for children who need godly wisdom and the conviction to follow God and not be negatively influenced by the world.


I had thyroid cancer surgery in 2020 and my thyroid and some lymph nodes were removed. I recently went back for my 6 month check up and lymph nodes grew. Please pray for healing of this cancer and for wisdom and direction in next steps.


There’s problems in my home with alcohol abuse that leads to abusive behavior; I need guidance and wisdom to deal with that.


Pray for me and my son’s relationship, my family’s faith, unity and love in my church, rest for my Pastor and building of God’s Church.


Please pray that I will conceive a child of my own; I am deeply grieved over my barrenness.


I am stuck in a broken record in my relationship, shame blame game… Our little children are hurting each other and then go into manipulation and control. I need prayer for a breakthrough from this bondage.


Please pray for the physical, emotional and spiritual healing of my mother.


Please pray that I can get my daughter a great dress and really be able to support her for high school graduation.


I come with a broken heart. Please pray for reconciliation and healing.


Prayer for me as I work. Been feeling stress from working with supervisors who are undermining and unappreciative of the hard work I am putting in. Prayer for God’s provision of skills and wisdom to continue to work and for his protection and favor. Please pray God opens the door to another job. Thanks.


Prayer for my young nephew’s stability In sleeping pattern and vocabulary to increase. Prayer that his present schooling issues will be resolved and for the salvation and deliverance of his parents.