Current & Upcoming Events

The Christian Working Woman holds conferences, seminars and get-togethers to teach biblical principles to working Christians.

We offer a weekly Zoom Bible study , and we offer monthly Zoom Get-togethers to encourage, equip and empower Christians.

Zoom Bible Study Growing Closer to God

Moses is one of the most important and interesting men in the history of the Israelites. He had much training in Egypt as the adopted son of the Queen, but this did not prepare him to follow God and lead...

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20 February 2024

Monthly Zoom Get-Together | Becky Beresford

Women, including Christians, have been flooded with messages of empowerment from culture, but how much of this well-intentioned advice is actually biblical? During our time together, Becky Beresford will help us shift away from society’s version of self-empowerment, and we...

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16 March 2024

2024 Weekend Getaway

Some days our lives feel like the houses Jesus talked about in Matthew 7. The wind and rain beat against every side, and sometimes we hold our breath, wondering if we can withstand another storm. Yet Jesus told the crowd...

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05 April 2024