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Do you feel unqualified to mentor others because of your personal weaknesses, lack of Bible knowledge, or regrets about your past? You’re not alone. Bertie, too, felt totally unqualified and incompetent for such a task!  Single, task-oriented and of retirement age after a career mainly in education, it didn’t seem like she had much of interest to offer anyone. Yet discipleship mentoring became part of God’s assignment while she served as a missionary for six years in Eastern Europe. When she returned to the US in 2020, Bertie brought along the passion, framework and intentionality needed for mentoring other women. Under God’s direction, she has integrated discipleship mentoring into the women’s ministry at her Chicago church.

Bertie shows us the various forms mentoring can take, teach us how to get started, and uncover what can and can’t be accomplished in these relationships. Best of all, we will see how God has already supplied us with the tools we need to make an eternal investment in the lives of others. 

If you have any questions, please contact Sherri at tcww@christianworkingwoman.org.