Does the Bible give dress standards for Christians? That’s an issue we’ve been looking at through the eyes of our friend, Fran. She has had to face her attitude toward what she wears, and her new suit that has a very short skirt, has brought this issue to the forefront.

After some anger and exasperation, Fran has come to understand that this is a control issue with her and the Lord. Finally, she has been willing to admit that Jesus is the Lord of her life, and therefore he has a right to set her standards of dress.

At lunch with her boss this Monday, Marilyn comments on her new suit. “That’s really a beautiful suit, Fran. You looked good for your presentation this morning; I bet they were impressed.”

“Well, I hope so, but I was nervous,” Fran replies.

“Nervous? Why?” Marilyn asks.

“Well, not about my presentation but about my skirt. It’s just too short,” Fran says. Marilyn looks at her with a quizzical expression.

“That’s the way skirts are these days,” Marilyn replies.

“I know, I know,” she says, “but that doesn’t make it right.” Marilyn has become a believer in Christ through Fran’s witness, and Fran has become a mentor to her as a new believer. Fran continues, “You see, as a woman of God, we do have a responsibility to dress with modesty and that means go the extra mile to be certain we always make a modest impression.”

Marilyn puts her fork down. “You mean as Christians we can’t wear fashionable clothes?”

“No, not at all,” Fran laughs. “It just means our standard is to dress with modesty. It can be fashionable, but it also needs to be modest.”

“Well, for sure the clothes women are wearing today are so tight and revealing—I mean, I’m embarrassed at how some of the women dress around here,” Marilyn says.

“We just have to remember, Marilyn, that we are not to be conformed to this world and it’s fashion standards. We represent Jesus to the people around us and we have to be willing to dress by his standards, not what’s fashionable,” Fran says. “Guess I’ll be looking for a short woman to give this suit to.”

“Really?” Marilyn says.

“Yeah, it’s not worth it, Marilyn,” Fran says. “It’s far more important for me to please Jesus than it is to wear the latest fashion.”

Well, what do you think? It is a personal issue for each woman to settle with the Lord, but there are certainly some strong principles in scripture to guide us. Remember what Fran learned: Obedience is the best way to live.


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