What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do – Bookmark

Apr 2, 2012

  Are you in need of some rest today? Are you tired of trying to fight your own battles? Are you weary of losing them? Maybe it’s time you followed Jehoshaphat’s example and release the problem to God and let him fight the battle for you. You do have to show up; you do have to obey; you do have to march to the battlefield. But you don’t have to fight. It’s God’s fight, not yours. But first you must let go and give him control. I want you to know that I practice these seven R’s frequently, and when I do, I always find it to be the cure for my grasshopper disease. It’s a great stress buster; it’s a great way to reduce your blood pressure. But mostly, it’s a great way to show God that you trust him. To help you remember these seven R’s, we’ve designed a bookmark for you that you can keep handy, to remind you of what you need to do when you’re discouraged and ready to give up....

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Time Management

May 17, 2011

Have you heard the slogan “Plan your work and work your plan”? I remember having that drilled into me early in my career, and there’s an awful lot of good advice wrapped up in those few words. Here are some practical ways to make good use of your time.

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Common Time Wasters

May 17, 2011

Do you have any idea of where your time goes? We want to encourage you to take this matter seriously, ask God to reveal to you where your time is wasted and then take some action that will save your time. Below is a time savers kit that we’d like to give...

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How to Thrive on Your Job Self-Test

Apr 14, 2011

Are you thriving on your job—or just surviving? For many years I traveled all over the country, giving business seminars to people from every kind of job and company, talking about customer service and communicating effectively and getting along with people. And one thing stands out loud and clear from this experience: Most people are just surviving on their jobs. It’s a daily battle for them to simply get out of bed and face another day in that office or classroom or plant or hospital or truck or bus—or whatever environment they’re in. Click on the self-test to see if you are thriving or just surviving on your...

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A Guide on Getting to Know God

Jan 24, 2011

The Bible is our bread of life–it is the food we need for strength and growth. And we need a balance diet of God’s Word. I developed a structured plan for reading the Bible, because I don’t work well without a plan and structure.  I eventually put this plan and some other ways to read the Bible into a Bible study called, “A Guide on Getting to Know God.” We’ve taken one chapter of my Bible study and made it available to you here.  This chapter gives some very clear guidelines and help on finding the best structure for yourself, so that you’re really reading the Bible for all its...

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