Thank you to all who were a part of this Bible Study on Zoom. We hope you have learned more about prayer and how precious it is to spend time with God.Here are some comments from participants in the Guide on Getting to Know God Series on Zoom:

Marilynn :

“The getting to know God bible study has shown me areas where I can improve in my bible reading and quiet time with the Lord. Its so important not to let the busyness of the day take away from our time with God. How can we get to know others unless we spend time with them and it’s the same with God. I really appreciate Mary’s teachings and that we can still meet via Zoom to discuss and study God’s word. What a blessing!”



“Thank you for the study on Getting to Know God.

Oh, the power of prayer and God’s unfailing love.  Our marriage almost ended in October 2020 but God intervened.  God is putting our marriage back together one day at a time as we both commit it to Him.

Thank you for encouraging us to stay in prayer and in God’s word.”



“This study has blessed me so much. Because of health issues, I’ve been directed by my doctors that I really needed to stay home during the pandemic. I’ve not been to a church service in person since mid-March. I felt like I was starving for lack of connection to my church family. Then my mom told me about your Zoom studies. I was completely unfamiliar with Zoom, but I joined anyway. Wow! Seeing all the ladies and their beautiful faces every week has helped me feel connected to the body of Christ again, not to mention what I’ve learned from your teaching (Mary) during the last two studies. Thank you all so much for this wonderful gift, one of the best gifts this Christmas!



“I am helped by this study to do some very practical basic things which I’m amazed I never thought intentionally to do so before: before my daily Bible reading to first ask God to help me to see what specific thing I should learn from it today; and to read it like it is the first time. So many other useful, helpful ways to improve my understanding of our loving, patient and generous God.  Thank you!”  


Zoom Bible Study November 10-December 15, 2020

We recommend purchasing the Bible Study Booklet (the revised edition) for this series if you do not already have it. Click Here to order your copy.

“I believe that getting to know God should be the central focus in the life of every believer. I pray this study will help you discover the great excitement of continually discovering God.” (Mary Lowman)


Lesson Six Handout Here: Prayer Requests and Answers

Lesson Six Video – 12/15/2020


Lesson Five Handout Here

Lesson Five Video – Tuesday, December 8, 2020 – Prayer Journal: Intercession


Lesson Four Handout Here

Lesson Four Video – Tuesday, December 1, 2020 – Prayer Journal: Confession and Dedication

Lesson Three Handout Here

Lesson Three Video – Tuesday, November 24, 2020 – Prayer Journal: Praising God

Lesson Two Video – Tuesday, November 17, 2020 – Listening to God Through His Word

Lesson Two Handout Here

Bible Reading Plan Here


Lesson One Video – Tuesday, November 10, 2020 ~ The Meaning and Importance of Knowing God

Lesson One Handout Here