Overflowing Hope Weekend Getaway ~ April 20-22, 2018

For the past three years our themes for our weekend getaways have focused on qualities we need in our lives to glorify God. From Fearless Joy, Courageous Faith, and Unshakable Peace, we have
built a foundation that leads us to this year’s focus: Overflowing Hope.

For this 30th Weekend Getaway, the focus is on Overflowing Hope—anchoring your soul and your life in the blessed hope that comes through Jesus Christ alone. This is hope that makes a difference in your daily life—that overflows even in tough times, even when you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. This hope is much more than wishful thinking; it is firm, secure,
and you can build your life on it.

Dámaris Carbaugh is with us again because she’s a favorite. Both in words and music, she will bring joy and straight talk to us, based on God’s eternal Word. She never fails to both inspire and challenge us to a deeper relationship with Jesus.

You are going to love Sherry Harney’s message of hope. She will give you new insight and encouragement for your prayer life, and show you how to let your hope overflow to others in organic ways.

Rhonda O’Brien will share from her own life lessons how to be patient while you’re hoping! You’ll recognize Rhonda from other parts she has played at our getaways—i.e., skits and line dancing. In addition, she is an experienced and exceptional Bible teacher, overflowing with enthusiasm and wisdom—a rare combination.

Then, of course, the Butler Band is once again with us. Charles and Donna will bring their special music, along with some other members of their excellent musical family.

You get to experience all of this in a lovely setting, with diverse and friendly women, great food, and lots of fun! Your take-away will be a renewal of your faith, a recharging of your spiritual battery, a respite from your regular hectic schedule, and a new commitment to overflow with the hope you have in Christ.

The Flash Drive contains recordings of the messages and workshops in a convenient format for $35.

Friday Evening
Mary Lowman & Guests– Panel Discussion

Damaris Carbaugh ~ F-A-I-T-H spells Hope!
Mary Lowman ~ What is Destroying Your Hope
Sherry Harney ~ Praying with Eyes Wide Open

Mary Lowman ~ Powerful Hope
Damaris Carbaugh ~ Purifying Hope
Sherry Harney~ Contagious Hope
Rhonda O’Brien ~ Patient Hope
Damrais Carbaugh ~ The BEST is yet to come!

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