In this series, Mary Lowman leads five very powerful messages that are relevant when you are going through difficulties.
This study was originally recorded on Facebook Live. There are five lessons in this study. Each lesson has a video teaching and a handout. In this study, you will learn:

  • Storms are often part of God’s plan for our lives and how a Christian should face a storm.
  • The importance of rejoicing always—and some rejoice always cards!
  • Some suggestions for how you can rejoice before God.
  • How many of Jesus’ disciples were at the cross and why many women were at this ugly scene.
  • What it means to fix our eyes on what is unseen and to look at people through Forever Eyes.
  • What prevents us from having faith in God and why do we trust God in some areas and not in others.
  • What causes pockets of fear—and some pockets of fear cards!

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