After reading so many other crucial prayer requests, I thought about not submitting mine. First let me say, God has blessed me with wonderful Christian parents…very thankful. My parents 65th Wedding Anniversary will be Aug. 28, 2020. Us four daughters had plan to have a celebration event at the church for them. Our earnest prayer had been from the start was that my Dad would be still be with us and able to enjoy this event; he has cancer. Thanks to many prayers and the Lord’s will, Daddy is doing good. Well with the quarantine situation, I just don’t know how to plan and am getting anxious. Please pray that I will wait for God’s guidance and not jump ahead.
At the time of my parent’s 50th anniversary, we had anticipated having a church celebration; however, our family was in heavy 45 yr. passed of lung cancer and 21-yr old nephew committed suicide. Please pray that that God’s will be done….honestly, having my Mama and Daddy still with us and still active in church is a CELEBRATION within itself. Thank you and may God meet your needs.