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The Armor of God

February 15, 2022 
Tuesdays @ 7pm (CST) 

Whether or not you are aware of it, every Christ-follower is an intentional target of Satan.  The book of Ephesians unveils the strategies he uses, and it shows us how to defeat our enemy. In this study we will examine each piece of the armor that God has provided to shield us from Satan’s attacks. You will learn how to recognize Satan’s schemes and how to use the armor provided to be victorious.

For any questions please contact Sherri at sherri@christianworkingwoman.org.

Sword of the Spirit – Lesson Seven Handout

Sword Drill Verses

Belt of TruthLesson Six Handout

Breastplate of Righteousness – Lesson Five Handout

Sandals of Peace – Lesson Four Handout

Song by CityAlight  – Ancient of Days

Shield of Faith – Lesson Three Handout

Helmet of Salvation – Lesson Two Handout

Introduction – Lesson One Handout