Here’s the word of wisdom for today: The quality of your work reveals your character.

Did you ever realize that your work tells what kind of person you are? The Bible tells us that the works of God reveal to us what kind of God he is. The beauty of his creation, the majesty and grandeur of his universe give us a clear view of his character and his personality.

That’s true of us as well. Just suppose someone who doesn’t know you at all was asked to write a description of you based upon an audit and inspection of your work. What would that audit reveal?

Are you careful to do your work with thoroughness, or would your work reveal a careless attitude? Does your work show that you are considerate of the person at the receiving end or at the next stage of your work? Or would the inspector conclude that you’re in a hurry to get through and get going, because your work is sloppy?

When your work involves dealing with other people, would it reveal an attitude of respect and concern for others? Do you think the inspector would conclude that you care about other people, and you treat everyone with respect? Or would it reveal a callousness toward others, treating them like numbers and not bothering to be kind and considerate toward them?

Could anyone tell by the quality of your work that you do it as unto the Lord? Would it look different from those who aren’t Christians?

As I look at the work of God’s hands, I know so much about his loving, caring nature. His work reveals his character to me. You work reveals your character as well. Would you be pleased to have someone describe you based on the work you’ve done this week? It’s a good word of wisdom we need to think about frequently.

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