Are you thriving or just surviving on your job? Are you compromising things that are most important? On Walking Worthy, Mary Lowman and Sharnell Weathersby talk about her time spent in the corporate sector and how through that season of her life she also had small children at homeā€”and she learned how to have a career and learned how to integrate it as a mom and a wife.

They also discuss:

  • Her story working in the corporate sector and how she discovered what else God had for her.
  • How to thrive and do it in a way that puts you in a position to be a good leader for yourself and those you have been called to lead.
  • The importance of having a good foundation and knowing God is the center.
  • The significance of starting the day right.
  • The Thrive Without Compromise workshop that will take place at the Weekend Getaway.
  • The importance of boundaries and thinking with the end in mind.