Trying to find the right balance as a Christian woman is certainly a major challenge for most of us. I find that I must fight not to be caught up in what others think I should be. Rather I want to focus on the characteristics of a godly woman, and as Proverbs 31:30 tells us, a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.

We should not fear:

  • What people say or think about us

Frankly, that can be a hard one for us women, because our natures are often inclined to be people-pleasers, and we will do most anything to avoid rejection. So, we can easily care too much about what people say or think.

Sometimes I find myself fearful of looking irrelevant because I have aspirations and beliefs that are not in sync with the norm for women today. Let’s face it—we like to think of ourselves as sophisticated and “cool.”  And quite honestly, there are times when I feel like the country-bumpkin, even among some Christian women who seem to be more “in tune” than I am.

But I have to keep going back to who I am—a woman who wants to please God. That means, I must fear the Lord, and not fear looking dumb or backwards. If we live godly lives in this society, we’re going to look weird at times. Be prepared for it. And ask God to help you not to fear what people say or think.

That also means I must not fear:

  • What people can do to me.

A boss can fire you, a boyfriend or husband can leave you, a child can disobey you, a parent can disappoint you, a friend can be disloyal to you. There are many things that people can do to you, and if you live in fear of those things, your life will be a constant emotional roller-coaster. Remember, no one can separate you from the love of Jesus, and as long as they cannot do that, then we don’t have to live in fear of what people can do.

“Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord will be praised.”  Let’s make that our goal in life, to be a woman who fears the Lord.

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