I wonder if you have ever thought about the power that is released when you become a thankful person. Let me tell you some of the great things that will happen:

  • People will like you much better. Thankful people are nice to be around. Your relationships will improve. You’ll have more friends.
  • Your energy level will go up. It’s true, because when you’re thankful, you unleash a lot of good energy that is often wasted on complaining and negativism. You will do more work in less time. And that’s going to make you a better employee, which will make your boss happy! I won’t go so far as to say you’ll get a raise, but then again—who knows?
  • Your stress will go down. I’m not making this up. When you are being thankful, you are thinking about the good things in your life, and that keeps you from focusing on the negative things. It’s like a release valve on a pressure cooker—you will see your stress go down.
  • Your face will be prettier—or more handsome, whichever you prefer! Think about it—when you are thankful, you’re not worried or fretting, and those things cause lines in our faces and age us! You’ll look younger!
  • Your posture will improve. When you’re thankful, you stand up straighter. When you’re negative, your shoulders tend to stoop and your back curves.

There’s power in thankfulness. You have much to gain. But way above and beyond all of these, here’s the most important reason to be thankful:

  • You will honor and glorify Jesus Christ as he deserves. When you overflow with thankfulness, you tell the world what Jesus has done for you and you are a good ambassador for him. Not to mention, it pleases him to see your thankful heart.

That’s why I’m urging you to adopt this one word as your word for 2022:  Thankfulness. Focus on it all year; pray it into your life; remind yourself every day to be thankful.

If you would like “My One Word for 2022” reminder card, click here to download the pdf.