What does it mean to “Bloom where you are planted”? You’ve no doubt heard this expression; in fact, some people think it is in the Bible. No, this saying is not found in the Bible, but the concept it teaches is very biblical.

It begins with the word “bloom” which is a verb—an action word—and it implies that you have to be intentional about this. Blooming means producing something beautiful. So, the first word—bloom—is a directive, something you must do.

Then it says, “where you are.” Do you often have the attitude that you would do so well if only you were in other circumstances? A different job, a better house, a more-understanding mate, better- behaved children, enough money, better health—just give you better circumstances, solve some of your problems, and then you can bloom. Instead of “bloom where you are planted,” maybe you think, “Put me in better soil and then I’ll bloom!”

Some years ago a good friend was planted in a job where some of her coworkers were unfriendly and prejudicial toward her. Instead of lowering herself to their level, or being angry, or vengeful, after much prayer, God led her to begin what she called “Project Love,” intentionally inviting these coworkers to have lunch with her, and in that way breaking down the barriers between them. It wasn’t long before these same people got to know my friend, saw in her the love of Jesus, and soon came to appreciate her and that was the beginning of some long and good friendships. She bloomed where she was.

And the last word in this saying is “planted.” Bloom where you are planted. When something is planted, it is placed there intentionally, right? It’s not just a wildflower springing up on a mountainside. Someone has gone to the trouble of preparing a spot, a place, where this seed can be planted. Being planted implies that something outside of itself had a purpose for putting that plant in that place.

You know, where you are now is where God has planted you. Oh, there may have been all kinds of circumstances, good and bad, that have brought you to the spot where you are now planted, but God has this marvelous way of taking us where we are and preparing the soil for us even there, so that we can bloom where we are planted.

Would you even today pause long enough to just thank God for where you are planted. I know, it could be a tough place, but the Bible says to be thankful in all circumstances, so by faith just thank God for where he has planted you and then ask him to help you bloom in that place.