Where are you stuck? You may not even realize that you are stuck, and yet your life may be mired down in some miserable place and you wonder what’s wrong.

For example, there was a ten-year period in my life when I was stuck. That’s right—ten long years. But if you had asked me then if I was stuck, I probably would have denied it vigorously because my life looked pretty good on the outside. I had a good job, I was getting promotions, I had friends…. But spiritually I was stuck. My fellowship with God was going nowhere; my growth as a disciple of Jesus Christ was non-existent. I was stuck!

Why? Because I insisted that I had to have a key thing that was missing in my life—and that was marriage. I was single and I didn’t want to be single, so I was stuck in the quagmire of trying to get what I wanted in life, what I thought would make me happy, what I thought I couldn’t live without. And because that was more important to me than anything else, I was stuck there for ten long years while I did everything I could to change my circumstances.

I wonder if that describes you right now? Maybe it’s not marriage you’re looking for, but there’s something missing in your life and you want it so badly that you are stuck until you can get what you want.

Even if it’s a good thing, like marriage or having a baby or gaining some measure of success, if it has you stuck waiting for it to happen, then you’re probably doing what I did—you’re making an idol of that thing you want and life is on hold for you spiritually until you get it.

You know, something will always be missing in your life. Nobody has it all, so I want to encourage you to first, recognize that you are stuck in this place of wanting what you don’t have, and ask God to set you free. If you are a Christ-follower, your completeness is found in him alone, and if you will put him back on the throne of your heart and relinquish your search for that missing piece to his loving wisdom, you can get unstuck and start living in the joy of your salvation.

Take it from one who knows—you are inflicting suffering on yourself when you remain stuck in the missing piece of your life. Let go of it and trust the God who has good plans for you, a hope and a future.

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