All of us face those times in our lives when we are overwhelmed with our need and can see no way out. There are many types of needs we all face from time to time. And many times our ability to meet our need is terribly limited.

We’ve been looking at the story as found in John 6:1-15, where the boy gave his small lunch to feed a multitude. The lunch was inadequate, but he gave it to Jesus, and Jesus was adequate.

Notice another principle here in facing our overwhelming needs. Jesus took the boy’s inadequate lunch, and told the disciples to have the people sit down in an orderly fashion so they could be fed. Now, think about this. Jesus did not first multiply the food and show the disciples, “See, here is plenty of food to feed this crowd, so have them sit down and we’ll distribute the food.” No, the disciples had to proceed as if Jesus was going to do something supernatural before he multiplied the small lunch. The disciples had to show their faith in Jesus.

Picture yourself in their shoes. You’ve got to go tell this hungry crowd, “Please, take your seats. Prepare yourselves; we’re going to eat.” Going to eat what? All they saw was five small loaves and two fish. But the disciples were sent by Jesus to do the organization and planning that was necessary before the miracle took place.

I have to believe that the disciples were struggling with their faith while they were getting those people in order. Undoubtedly some of them were worried about making a fool out of themselves. But you have to give them credit for simply obeying Jesus. He said, “Have the people sit down,” and they did it. They prepared for a miracle, even though they had no idea how Jesus was going to make it happen.

When the need is greater than the resources, our tendency is to quit, panic or retreat. But instead we must learn, when Jesus directs us, to prepare for the unseen miracle.

Maybe the Lord is waiting for you to demonstrate that you will trust him, even though you can’t see how he’s going to meet your need. Prepare for your miracle today. Don’t worry about looking foolish; just obey. Take the faith you have, as weak as it may be, and tell the Lord, “I’ll do what you say.” He may be waiting for you to do the up front work before he meets your need.