I’ve been exploring how important it is for us as Christians to understand that we are each uniquely and specially made by God for good reasons. We are not mistakes. I am who I am by design of God, and you are who you are by that same eternal plan and design.

God looked at his creation, we read in Genesis, and declared that it was good! Since we’re part of that creation, we can learn to accept who we are as created by God as good and right.

Let me add that learning to accept who we are doesn’t mean we give up on trying to improve. While it’s true God has given me a certain type of personality, it’s also true that my personality has a lot of rough edges that need polishing. We must remember that sin has affected God’s perfect creation, so until we get to heaven, our personalities are damaged by sin.

The Apostle Paul told us we are in the process of being conformed to the image of God’s Son, Jesus Christ. Using the personalities given to us and the gifts and abilities we have been entrusted with by God, we are to be constantly growing into the image of Jesus.

Remember this: when you can accept yourself and believe that God has made you for special and unique purposes, then you’re free. The person God has created now starts to shine through beautifully, you begin to see just why God made you the way you are, and you discover that there was a lot there you didn’t even recognize before. God is free to work in and through you to keep shaping you into the image of Jesus. Furthermore, you’re free to say, “Thank you, Jesus, you didn’t make a mistake when you made me. Now, please take what you have made and use it for the purposes you intended.”

Have you been trying to be someone els­e? Have you felt as though what you are was second-best, a mistake? Will you go to God in prayer right now, wherever you are, and confess your lack of trust in his creative abilities, ask him to forgive you, and give him permission to polish the personality given to you by God for eternal and significant purposes?

If you will do that—and continue to do that each day—you’re going to discover incredible and marvelous freedom, and the real you God has created will be a joy to everyone, including yourself!