With unemployment rates very high now, job hunting is challenging. What do you do when you’re looking for a job?

Make yourself be very disciplined every day. Don’t lollygag in bed just because you don’t have to get up early; don’t start overeating because you have time on your hands; don’t turn the television on and get hooked on watching it in order to pass the time or drown your discouragement. Don’t allow yourself to get into these kinds of bad habits. Instead, put strong disciplines in place and make yourself stick to them.

For example, get up early, as though you had to be at work early, because you do! Job hunting is a job, and you must diligently work at it. Have a to-do list every day, things you need to do, people you need to call, and become your own hard-nosed manager! Determine that by God’s grace you will be disciplined during these job hunting days. If you stay busy doing something productive, you will have a much better attitude, be much more joyful and positive, and that will affect how you present yourself to potential employers.

I would encourage you to spend at least half of every day in job hunt mode, actually working at finding a job. You may use some of that freed-up time for other projects you’ve wanted to do, maybe some additional education you’d like to have, but remember that your main job is to job hunt, whether you feel like it or not. This job is a sales job, and you may never have been in a sales job before and probably don’t want to be in one now, but you are. Let me tell you, successful selling takes perseverance, the ability to bounce back after a rejection, and sales people know you will get eight nos for every yes. So, keep on keepin’ on, even if you get several nos in one day.

Ecclesiastes 9:10 reminds us that “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might. . .” and job hunting has to be done with all your might and heart. It’s a tough job, but as a believer, you’ve got the Lord Jesus with you all the way.

(We have pulled together some resources that will be helpful for you in your job search.  Click here to download the pdf.)