Are you happy with your prayer life? Do you pray as much as you know you should or wish you could? The Bible admonishes us to pray at all times, and I believe when we learn to incorporate prayer into our daily lifestyle, our prayer time and effectiveness will increase greatly.

Here’s how it works to pray continually. We must become intentional about practicing the presence of Jesus. This means we must determine to be aware—at all times and in all places—that, because we are Christ-followers and have been born again, we are surrounded with the presence of Jesus all day, every day, 24/7. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we have him with us at all times. The problem for us is that we all too often don’t recognize or acknowledge his presence.

No doubt you have a really close friend or family member—the person on this earth closest to you. You are with them as often as possible and, when you are with them, you communicate—you talk. You share the problems and issues of your life, but you also share the joys. You laugh together, cry together, and sometimes just silent together, but that person’s presence is there with you.

This is not a perfect analogy, but consider that Jesus is your best friend, your closest companion, your confidant. Unlike earthly companions, he is with you 24/7. You’re never away from him. So, if you are aware that he is there, what are you likely to do? You’re going to talk with him—right? Whatever is happening to you in your day, you’re going to share it with Jesus. When you need help or guidance, he’s right there to show you the way. When you see something beautiful, he loves for you to share that experience with him. When something makes you laugh, he laughs with you. When sorrow fills your heart, he cries with you.

This is the meaning of praying continually, of praying at all times. As you develop the awareness of his presence, you are able to boldly and confidently talk to him throughout your days—every day, everywhere. Simply take advantage of your privilege of praying in the flow of life. As you learn to do this, you are learning what it means to pray without ceasing. You never cut off the communication with Jesus. You don’t have to say “Amen,” meaning this is the end of my prayer time and I’ll come back later. You just keep the conversation going all the time.

The good news is that you can pray with eyes open or closed, by yourself or in a crowd, out loud or silently. Prayer is not limited by any of your usual prayer routines; you can truly pray continually. What an incredible blessing and privilege that is!