The Apostle Paul teaches us that we should learn to see the invisible things all around us, and not focus our lives solely on things that are visible. Well, how can you see things which are invisible? You need a special kind of eyes to do that. We’re trying to get an idea of what it’s like to look through Forever Eyes and see things and people the way God does.

Suppose you’ve just gotten a nice bonus—enough money in one lump sum to be able to buy something significant. A new television, a piece of furniture, or a down payment on a new car—something you’ve been wanting really badly. But you hear a testimony from a missionary at church who needs money to help women at risk in India—women who have been sold into slavery.

Cars and televisions and furniture—they are the visible things which are easy to see, touch, and feel. But they are temporary. When you put on your Forever Eyes, you see the invisible things: You see the eternal benefit of helping those women, you think of how blessed you are not to have to face such circumstances yourself, and you see the faces of those women in such dire need. You see the money you invest in people listed on your balance sheet in eternity, sent on ahead of you, waiting for you there, collecting interest.

Those Forever Eyes give you an entirely different view of material things. You realize that they’re all going to burn up someday, and only what you send on ahead of you will endure.

Well, what kind of eyes do you have? Have you been putting your Forever Eyes on very much lately, or have you been looking at only the temporal things—the way everyone else does? What kind of eyes do you want to have? Would you really like to have Forever Eyes? If so, I encourage you to pray them on at the beginning of each day. God will give you his view of things when you honestly seek it.

Let me warn you, as I do myself, that Forever Eyes may cause some significant changes in your life. They may cause you to make decisions that others may find peculiar because they don’t have Forever Eyes. But don’t miss the blessing of Forever Eyes. Great blessings are in store for you.