How can you find contentment in a job you hate? Notice I didn’t say “with” a job you hate, but “in” a job you hate. I believe there are times when we should actively pursue another job or another career—when the right thing to do is find a place to work which uses our abilities better, get more education so we can advance to better jobs, or simply find a better working environment. But if you’re in a job you hate—however long you are going to be in that job—as a Christian, you should learn to be content in that job.

The Apostle Paul said he learned to be content in any circumstance, and he was in some very bad situations. If he can learn contentment, so can we.

Let me tell you the story of a woman in Wisconsin who found herself in a job she hated. It was a manufacturing job with repetitive and boring duties. She graduated from college with very good grades, but found herself in this job that was beneath her. Finally, after hearing my message on The Freedom of a Captive Mind, she decided to change her attitude about that job and to think of it as her mission field. She began reprogramming her mind with Scripture, memorizing verses on the job, and singing songs of praise in that factory job. Her co-workers noticed the change in her. They began to ask her to sing her songs, and many times she was able to share the Scripture she was memorizing in conversations with different individuals.

She started praying for her co-workers, and they began to come to her with their needs and ask her to pray for them. She was able to lead one of her co-workers to know Jesus as her Savior, and has touched the lives of all who work with her.

Yes, the work is boring, but it gives her time to memorize Scripture while working and that has been a wonderful healing process in her own life. She has found contentment in a job she hated because she has seen it through the eyes of eternity and asked God to use her there. He is.

I challenge you to ask God to change your attitude and make you content right where you are, so that you are a light shining in darkness in that corner of the world.