Some of you have been listening to us for many years because we’ve been broadcasting this program since August of 1984. Which means we’re celebrating thirty-five years of God’s faithfulness this month.

I began this ministry because I recognized the need for practical application of biblical principles to the lives of Christians in the workplace. I knew that as a Christian working woman myself, I needed to be challenged and encouraged to go to my job as an ambassador for Jesus Christ, living out my faith in practical and biblical ways.

Our program goes throughout the country now, as well as several international stations. Lisa listens to us in Hilo, Hawaii, and she wrote to tell me that she keeps a binder of our daily programs which are posted on our website. Her binder of past programs dates back many years and she refers back to them and shares them with others.

Did you know that you can sign up to receive these daily programs each weekday as a devotional to start your day? Several thousand go out each day, and we’d be glad to add your name to that list. Just visit our website at and you’ll see where to sign up to receive our daily programs by email.

I truly am amazed at how God uses this ministry in so many different ways. Often someone will tell me that they just “happened” to tune in on a certain day and God powerfully spoke to them through our program. Well, that’s how the Holy Spirit works—he guides me to prepare certain messages weeks in advance of their broadcast, and then he guides listeners to tune in for certain ones as well.

My continual prayer is that God will use this program to help equip believers to get real serious about being a Christ-follower, living their lives on and off the job as Jesus would, letting his love shine through them so that others are drawn to know and love Jesus, too.