Can you imagine how much better you’d feel at the end of each day if you heard at least as much encouragement as discouragement? We all need to be encouraged; otherwise, we shrivel and grow weak. Why not decide to become an intentional encourager?

To become an intentional encourager, it helps to have an effective tool to use. That’s why I am offering you Pass-Along Encouragement cards—an easy way for you to encourage others, especially those for or with whom you work.

One of these cards says, “Everything God creates tells how glorious He is—everything, even you.” The verse on that card is Psalm 19:1: “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” For someone who doesn’t see God’s glory in herself or himself, this could be an eye-opening encouragement for that person.

Another one says, “You are a shining example of integrity on the job,” with the verse from Romans 12:21: “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” For the person whom you observe to be very conscientious and honest, this would be the perfect card to give them, letting them know that their effort is not in vain.

What happens when we become encouragers? There is a basic principle in God’s Word which holds so true here: “Whatever you sow, you reap.” As you’re investing your time in other people’s lives, you’ll discover that it starts to come back to you. The very act of encouraging others becomes an encouragement to you. When you see their smiles and their appreciation, it warms your heart and you’re encouraged. It’s like a boomerang: you give it out and it comes right back to you!

How about it? Are you willing to give it a try—to become a better workplace encourager? If so, request your Pass-Along Encouragement cards and begin handing out your five cards per week. Then let me know how God uses this and the results you see from it.

You can print out a set of cards by clicking below or call our office at 630-462-0552 and request a set of cards be mailed to you.