How can the people you work with know that Jesus Christ makes a difference in your lifeHere’s one way that will always workIf they see that you have peace in your life, regardless of the circumstances, they’re going to want to know how in the world you do itPeople today are desperate for peace, and as Christians we know the Prince of Peace, the only one who can give us true peace. 

I want to tell you the story of how a good friend of mine found Christ: Janet, who is a member of my Board here at The Christian Working WomanBefore becoming a believer she was working in a situation that was highly stressfulEveryone was under constant pressure and the environment was really crazyBut in the midst of all this chaos, she kept noticing one of her co-workers who seemed very peacefulHe did his work as well as anyone, produced what was expected of him, but he just never seemed to be frazzled and stressful like everyone else. 

Janet watched him for a long time, and finally she said to him, “How do you do it?” He smiled and shared with her that it was his faith in Christ which made the differenceThen he simply recommended that she read the Bible and suggested the book of John. 

Though Janet had considered herself a Christian, she had never read the Bible, so she decided to see what he was talking aboutAfter a couple of months of reading and investigating, Janet accepted Christ, and a few months after that, her husband Ray did, tooAnd it all started when one person was peaceful on the job 

What a testimony we could have to our worlds if we showed them in our lives that Christ is our peace, and with him, we can have peace even if the situation is chaotic 

Christ has come to give us peace; he is our peaceWe need to be sure we’re demonstrating it daily in our lives, and that we are peacemakers, people who bring peace into turbulent situations.