We continue the story of our imaginary bike ride—your bike ride—on a tandem bike with Jesus, headed for the high places where you will know his peace, joy, and contentment. However, getting there is giving you some trouble.

You’ve asked for the journey to be clear to you before you begin, but the Lord has explained that in order to pedal by faith, not by sight, you must get in the back seat and trust him to take you to the high places, even though you don’t know how he’s going to get you there.

You finally agree to let the Lord take over this bike ride, and you jump on the back and start pedaling. At first, you’re so excited, “Oh, Lord, I just know we’re going to be to the high places any time now, because you promised me you’d take me there.” He smiles quietly, and you keep pedaling.

“Are we there yet?” you ask after a few hours.

He smiles and says, “Just keep pedaling.”

Another few hours pass. “Are we there yet?”

Your question gets the same answer: “Keep pedaling.”

After pedaling up some high hills and through some hot deserts, you are truly exhausted. “Lord, I’m tired of pedaling. If this is what it takes to get to the high places, just forget it. I’ll settle for staying right where I am.”

“No, my child,” he says, “I won’t let you settle for anything less than the high places. Trust me.”

Lately you’ve noticed that the Lord hasn’t had a lot to say. You would prefer some handwriting on the wall, or at least an audible voice to assure you that he knows what he is doing. But he says, “Get the Book out—the road map to the high places—and read it if you need some reassurance.”

A few days go by on this long road to the high places, and you are becoming discouraged.

The Lord stops and says, “You do need a rest, my child. Here is a shade tree; let’s stop for a while for some nourishment. Let me strengthen your feeble hands and steady your knees that are giving away” (Isaiah 35:3). And with incredible gentleness and perfect timing, the Lord gives you a break from the pedaling and refreshes you with water from within you, like a well springing up. You eat the meat and bread of his Word, which builds your muscles and strengthens your heart, and you fall asleep like a baby under the shade tree next to the Lord.

As you fade off into sleep, you hear Him singing softly, “O rest in the Lord, wait patiently for him, and he shall give thee thy heart’s desire; O rest in the Lord.”