Are You the Offender or Offended

May 14, 2016

They say there are two sides to every story when it comes to relationships and relationship struggles. We can sit in one of two seats, either in the seat of the offended or the seat of the offender.  We have made this hand out for you to use as a reference for when you are having relationship struggles. Are You The Offender or The Offended...

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The Nature of Rattlesnakes

Apr 25, 2016

The Nature of Rattlesnakes is a story to remind us that rattlesnakes never change their nature, no matter how good they talk or how attractive they look.  As Christians in a world that is full of lots of rattlesnakes, we can avoid them by staying on the straight and narrow road, keeping our eyes and our feet fixed straight ahead, looking for and taking the escape routes which are provided when we do encounter a temptation, running fast away at the first hint that we’re in rattlesnake country. ...

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Role Model Improvement Form

Apr 18, 2016

How can you learn to be a godly role model for the people in your life? Find out with the Role Model Improvement Form. Role Model Improvement Form

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Learning to Listen

Apr 16, 2016

How well do you listen?  Take this quiz and find out where your listening skills rank. Learning-to-Listen-Quiz

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Heart Appreciation Card Set

Apr 6, 2016

Someone once said, “Picture everyone you see with a sign on his or her forehead that says Appreciate Me!”   The point is that people rarely feel appreciated.  If we become intentional about showing appreciation, it can truly make a difference in a person’s life.  Become an intentional “appreciator” to those people God brings across your path by sharing a card with them.  They will have a small reminder that they are valued and a taste of God’s love. Printing instructions:  To begin, click the link below.  Print out on business card stock for easier separation.  Or print on card stock and then cut...

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