It seems that I have just been cheated by my colleague and my boss. I have waited until now to know if I will be employed in 2018. My colleague has complained that she has no chance compared to me, and my boss has praised my work but told me to wait until I have been officially evaluated. However, today my boss told me that I did very badly in the evaluation and that she cannot hire me. I suspect that she hired my colleague. There were some outside applicants but another colleague told me that she had already met the one who got the job. It could of course be a person who was invited to our workplace today but whom I did not meet. However, she would be less likely to brag of something to my colleague whom she does not know. I want to lay all this in front of my God and ask Him to help me. I said no to another job offer because my boss asked me to have patience. Really bad things have happened me much earlier in my career so I ask God to protect me and lead me forwards. There are other options but there may also be other people out there who are not worth my trust.