Monday, February 19th, 2018

Overflowing Hope


No doubt you are familiar with the last verse of 1 Corinthians 13 which says, “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love” (I Corinthians 13:13). Faith, hope and love are absolute essentials in our lives as Christians. They are the three qualities which always remain. They make us strong and, when the three join together—when we are full of faith, hope and love—we are balanced and ready to go forward with what God has planned for us to do.

Think about this: We hear and read a good deal about faith and love, but what about hope? It is mentioned more than 180 times in the Bible, so it must be very important! But why? Why do you and I need hope? What does hope do for us?

First we need to understand the difference between our casual use of the word “hope,” and the Bible’s meaning. We often talk about hope when something in the future is not certain. We say, I hope it won’t rain today or I hope I’ll get a raise. But when the Bible speaks of hope, it means that something in the future is certain. It means you can be confident because your hope in God is firm and secure. For example, when we are born from above through faith in Jesus Christ, we have the hope of eternal life. That hope is certain and sure; there’s no uncertainty in that hope for our future.

Because hope is so essential to our spiritual life, I have chosen Overflowing Hope as the theme for our 30th Annual Weekend Getaway, April 20-22, here in the Chicago area. Every part of our weekend program will focus on some aspect of this hope that we have as believers, and how hope makes a difference in your daily life—hope that overflows in you, even in tough times.

Damaris Carbaugh is with us again and she will focus on how hope purifies us. Sherry Harney will show us how our hope should be contagious—spilling over to everyone in our lives. We’ll talk about patient hope and powerful hope. You will leave with a new understanding and a new joy of the hope that Jesus gives!

It’s important that you register soon, because our early bird special ends March 1st. Save yourself some money by registering by March 1st. You’ll find all the details at, and you can register online. If you would prefer to give us a call, please do so at 630.462.0552, and we’ll be glad to answer your questions, send brochures, and register you by phone.

Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

Overflowing Hope


How is your hope today? The Bible says that three things are most important—three things remain—and they are faith, hope and love. So, how’s your hope? It’s just as essential as faith and love, and yet we don’t focus on it very much.

There is a close relationship between faith and hope, isn’t there? When our faith is strong, it is because we are confident of the hope we have in Jesus Christ. We are sure of God’s promises, and therefore our faith is strong.

Paul wrote to the Romans, “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit” (Romans 15:13). Would you say that you are “overflowing with hope”?

That is our focus for our 30th annual weekend getaway, April 20-22—Overflowing Hope. The hope of God fills you with joy and peace. Hope is so very essential to our everyday journey, so we’re going to talk about hope at our weekend getaway.

If you have never been to one of our wonderful weekends, I want to especially invite you to give us a try. This is a weekend to get away from all your normal duties, to fellowship with other women from across the country who share your faith, to be inspired and equipped by the outstanding speakers and musicians, and to simply be refreshed and rejuvenated in a lovely hotel with really special people.

You’ll find all the details at The dates again are April 20-22, here in the Chicago area, and if you register by March 1st, you’ll get a significant early bird discount. Give us a call if you have any questions—the number is 630.462.0552—and make plans now to join us. One woman wrote this after last year’s getaway:

This was my first conference and it totally exceeded my expectations. I have been praying for revival in my life and this conference has ignited my heart in ways I wasn’t expecting but God knew I needed! The music, speakers, workshops were a balm to my tired and dry spirit.

This is why we host these weekend getaways! My hope is that you will join us!

Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

Overflowing Hope


What is your Hope Quotient? Your Hope Quotient is more valuable than your IQ. Your Hope Quotient is just a way to measure your level of hope—God’s hope, hope that is more than just a feeling, hope that is certain and sure for the future.

Hope is truly at the heart of every thriving person or organization, and that’s why I’ve chosen Overflowing Hope as the theme for our upcoming 30th annual weekend getaway, April 20-22. We’ll talk about powerful hope, purifying hope, contagious hope, and patient hope. This is all through the blessed hope that we have as an anchor for our souls because of Jesus Christ.

I promise that if you will join us and bring open ears and an open heart, you will experience a weekend of building your hope—increasing your Hope Quotient. God’s hope is faith in the future tense, so faith and hope are really joined together.

The Bible says, “Faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ” (Romans 10:17), so hope, like faith, is dependent on hearing and believing the word of God. That’s why our weekend getaway will be totally based on biblical truth and principles, and you will be greatly encouraged as we remind you of the great and precious promises of God, on which our hope is built. As one woman said after last year’s getaway, “The Word of God is honored at these conferences and presented with excellence.”

Damaris Carbaugh joins us again with her rare gifts in words and music—she will share straight talk with us and inspirational music. We have great workshops planned and, as always, worshipful praise music. Furthermore, you’ll meet wonderful people here. One woman wrote:

“Such a loving atmosphere! Everyone I encountered loved me, embraced me, and welcomed me!”

My hope is that you will join us, April 20-22, for this exceptional weekend. All the details are on line at If you have questions or want to register by phone, please call us a 630.462.0552. Don’t forget to register by March 1st and get our early bird savings!

Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

Overflowing Hope


Did you know that you were not designed to live without hope? The truth is, when you lose hope, you lose your motivation, your energy and, indeed, you can lose even your desire to live. As Christians, however, we have great hope because of Jesus—who died and rose again to purchase our redemption—so we are no longer destined to hopelessness. Our lives have been redeemed from hopelessness—not just for our eternity in heaven, but here on earth as well.

Unfortunately, many times we can forget this as we live our daily lives and settle for living in the drudgery of life instead of in the glorious hope that we have in Jesus. It’s very easy to lose hope in this sin-infested world, isn’t it? That’s why I’ve chosen Overflowing Hope as the theme for our upcoming 30th annual weekend getaway, April 20-22, here in the Chicago area.

We are going to spend this weekend rebuilding our hope in the Lord Jesus Christ and all of his good promises to us. You will be inspired and refreshed as you spend time with other women of like faith, listen to messages and music of hope, and enjoy a weekend of pampering and relaxation in a beautiful setting.

Don’t worry if you’ve never attended one of our weekend getaways before, or even if you are coming alone. You’ll fit right in and find lovely friends as soon as you walk in the door. You’ll love the diversity of the women who attend, and the sisterhood we instantly enjoy because of Jesus.

Please make your plans to join us, April 20-22, here in the Chicago area, and register by March 1st so you’ll get the early bird discount. You’ll find all the details at, and you can call us for brochures or to register by phone at 630.462.0552.

Friday, February 23rd, 2018

Overflowing Hope


We’ve been exploring the importance of hope, and how essential it is to our spiritual health. We read in Romans 15:13, “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Another translation says, “so that your whole life and outlook may be radiant with hope” (J.B. Phillips New Testament). I love that thought, don’t you? I would love for my life and my attitude to be radiant with hope—to glow with hope!

How do we overflow with hope? The world is full of hopeless people, isn’t it? I once saw a bumper sticker that said, “Now that I’ve given up hope, I feel much better.” I chuckled at first, but then I thought of how dead wrong that bumper sticker was. When we lose hope, life becomes very hard. Have you been losing hope lately? Maybe it’s a relationship problem and you’re ready to give up hope that it will ever be right. Could it be a financial crisis that looks hopeless to you, or a health issue? There are many things in this world that can rob us of hope.

But God’s Word is full of hope for you if you’re a Christ-follower, and you can overflow with hope even in the midst of difficult circumstances! That’s what we’re going to talk about at our upcoming 30th annual weekend getaway, where our theme is Overflowing Hope. May I suggest that a weekend away from your normal routine, in a lovely setting, with like-minded women, and inspiring messages and music, could be just what you need to restore your hope!

The dates are April 20-22 at a lovely hotel here in the Chicago area. You’ll love the fellowship and you’ll leave with not only a respite from your regular hectic schedule, but also a new understanding of—and a renewed commitment to—overflow with the hope you have in Christ. Furthermore, if you register by March 1st, you’ll enjoy the early bird special which saves you money!

All the details are at, or we can mail brochures to you. You can always call us with your questions or to register by phone at 630.462.0552. After last year’s getaway, one person wrote, “Speakers and presenters were awesome. What a blessing! I felt God’s presence, love and peace. He was glorified.” I think you’ll have the same experience, so join us April 20-22. I look forward to meeting you in person.