Have you ever thought about the consequences of complaining? Don’t most people consider complaining their right? Surely there’s something in our Constitution about free speech which says we have the right to complain about anything or anyone at any time, right? In fact, anyone who doesn’t complain on a somewhat regular basis must not be normal! That’s how lots of people look at it.

I want to examine this contagious disease called complaining, and I want to give you the antidote—the cure—for complaining. Here’s the facts about this very common and widespread disease: It affects your brain and your physical health in negative ways. When you indulge in complaining, it brings on a sense of sadness or melancholy, and causes real dissatisfaction with your life.

There’s real proof that negative stress like complaining can also exacerbate chronic health problems, such as diabetes or asthma. It literally can increase your headaches, your joint pain, and be a major cause of depression.

Now, I’m not talking about ignoring the negative issues of life. We don’t live in a perfect world and we need to confront negative people and situations for the purpose of finding relief and solutions. So, I’m not suggesting that you “put on a happy face” and pretend nothing’s wrong. But I am advocating a change in your attitude toward complaining. I hope to convince you—if you are not already convinced—that complaining does you more harm than good and it is a contagious disease that causes lots of problems for lots of people.

Of course, the more important issue is that it keeps you from the joy that is yours when you are rightly related to Jesus Christ, by grace through faith, and you have chosen to follow Christ. The Bible says that the joy of the Lord is your strength; habitual complaining destroys your joy and saps your energy, slowing you down and keeping you from doing what God put you here to do.

The good news is that you can cure this disease of complaining when you turn to the Lord for help and follow his principles. Would you like to be set free from complaining? Have you allowed it to have a place in your life so long that it is now almost an addiction? There is hope for you!