You’ve heard it said that it is lonely at the top. Well, there is some truth in that, because those at the top—those in authority—have certain responsibilities and obligations to those under them and we really can’t afford too many mistakes. Here’s the next mistake to avoid. 

  1. Not Recognizing Employee Achievements

In these days of constant change, downsizing, and increased worker uncertainty, finding ways to recognize your employees for the good that they do is more important than ever. The old One Minute Manger mantra—catch people doing something right and tell them—is still one of the smartest habits you can cultivate as a manager. Sometimes a word of commendation from a manager means more to an employee than a raise.

I think most of us managers want and intend to recognize good employees, but we just often let it fall between the cracks. I know that’s too true for me at times. It’s not that hard to do and it reaps wonderful benefits. Something like a written note, thanking an employee for a job well done, can be very meaningful. Maybe a small reward, like a gift card for coffee or lunch, would be truly appreciated. Thanking people in group settings—this is very meaningful to employees. Too often I take it for granted that the people who work for me know how I feel about them, how much I appreciate them. And that may be true, but they still need to hear it from me often.

Let’s review the eight mistakes you want to avoid as you manage people:

  • Not giving adequate feedback
  • Not making time for your employees
  • Being too “hands off:
  • Being too friendly/buddy-buddy
  • Failing to define the goals
  • Hiring too quickly
  • Not walking the talk
  • Not recognizing employee successes and achievements

No doubt, like me, you’ve already made some of those mistakes, but it’s never too late to change and improve. I hope you’ve found these helpful.