Fran and her friend Louise are facing a decision about some training that is being required by their company concerning new policies on protecting those in the LGBTQ community in the company against discrimination. A long discussion between them has revealed that Louise believes they must take a stand and refuse to go to this training, even risking their jobs if necessary, because a line has to be drawn here. Fran thinks that would be perceived as unkind and un-Christlike, and wonders if it is really necessary.

They have decided to postpone any decision until they have prayed about it—together and individually. And so, after a time of prayer on this Friday evening, they are once more united in their love for each other and their desire to always seek to do what is right, whether it is popular or not, and even if it is costly, like, in this case, potentially losing their jobs.

“Well, Louise,” Fran says, “do you still think you should refuse to go to this training?”

“Fran, I think I do but I also think it’s time we sought some advice from a pastor or someone who can help us think this through.” On this they agree and Fran suggests one of their pastors who is a really clear thinker on issues like this. And so, the decision is delayed.

You may be thinking that I’ve taken the easy way out in this episode—to leave this matter hanging without taking one side or the other. But honestly, I believe in this day of political correctness, we will be facing such decisions more and more as Christ-followers, and the real take away from this episode is not to make hasty decisions when those decisions are not totally clear but pray and seek advice. But on the other hand, if and when you face very black and white situations that are clearly right or wrong, you and I have to be prepared to take the unpopular and costly stand.

And another important take away is that as Christians, we need to always be willing to listen to each other and pray with each other, even when we disagree, or especially when we disagree. Jesus said the world will know we are his followers if we love one another. That should always be a high priority.

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