Fran’s company is requiring all employees to attend a training session on LGBTQ employees, what their rights are and how they are to be treated.

Fran’s good friend, Louise, seems to be very concerned about being required to attend this training, as she thinks it requires her as a Christ-follower to accept beliefs that she does not agree with. Fran doesn’t feel as strongly as Louise does because as Frans sees it, this training is just about treating LGBTQ people with respect and not discriminating against them—which Fran feels is right and they do it anyway. But Louise feels that Fran doesn’t see the whole picture.

“Fran,” she says, “we have to stand for what we believe and not be intimidated by this culture. Everyday you hear about new attacks on our Christian beliefs. They let boys—you know, cross gender girls who were boys—compete in women’s sports and that’s not fair.”

“Well, I understand what you’re saying, but that’s not really what this training is about, is it?” Fran tries to stay calm.

“Like I said, Fran, this is just step one. If we don’t take a stand, who knows what will be next?” And with that, Louise leaves Fran’s office.

Whew, Fran thinks, Louise is really upset. I’ll call her tonight and talk more. So, that evening after the kids are in bed, Fran calls Louise to continue their conversation. “Louise, I didn’t mean to upset you today, and maybe I’m missing something here, but I just don’t see the danger in this training.”

“Fran, I talked with my friend at church tonight, and she agrees with me that if we don’t take a stand now and let the company know our opposition to this kind of training, it will just keep on going. So, I’ve decided to tell Ben that I’m choosing not to go to this training because it is against my beliefs. I know they might fire me for it—who knows? But I think I have to do it to stand true for Jesus.”

Whoa, Fran thinks to herself. Louise is taking this much more seriously than I am. Is she right? She says, “Louise, can you tell me how you came to that decision? Maybe I’m missing something here.”

“You are, Fran—like many other Christians, I think. Our culture is quickly becoming anti-Christian and if we just sit back and do nothing, before you know it, we’ll be told to approve of abortion, same-sex marriage, all the things that are against our Christian beliefs,” Louise tells Fran.

It seems that Fran and Louise have different takes on this particular training and their responsibility as Christ-followers. What do you think? Should Fran go along with Louise and refuse to go to this training?