Today Fran has just completed a presentation to a new client, but throughout the whole morning she was very conscious that her skirt was short, perhaps too short. Her conscience is bothering her over this because the Spirit of God convicted her about it this morning and she became defensive. Now her friend Louise has seemed to agree that the skirt is on the short side, though she told Fran that it’s an issue between Fran and Jesus.

Fran is thinking that over as she sits in her office. She finally decides to talk to Jesus about it, “Lord, why am I so defensive about this? Why does it bug me that I can’t dress like everyone else?”

“Could it be,” Jesus says, “that this comes down to an issue of control? Who is in control of your life?”

“Lord,” Fran says, “you think that this is all about having control over what I’m going to wear? I mean, is my new suit such a disgrace—really? It’s just a professional suit and honestly, I think it’s really nice.”

“But” Jesus says, “have you thought about this? Even though you’re wearing the suit you chose—with the short skirt, it is not bringing you any joy or pleasure, is it?”

She thinks about how she felt all through her meeting this morning, how uncomfortable she was. She realizes how much emotional energy she has wasted on this whole question. “You’re right, Lord,” she quietly responds, “it seems to be causing me a lot of unnecessary turmoil.”

Well, Fran, I’ll just quietly remind you of what we’ve talked about before,” Jesus says, “Obedience is the easy way out.”

“I know, Lord,” Fran agrees. She begins to think about her relationship with her own children. “When they obey me, it is for their good. But they just want their own way sometimes, and that’s basically what’s happening to me over this issue. I want my own way,” she admits to herself.

“And I’m behaving like a child,” Fran smiles. “I get it, Lord; I get it. You have my permission to set my dress standards and I will obey.”

You know, I think Fran has learned a good lesson, and that is, when we insist on having control in any area in our lives, we are not only displeasing the Lord but we’re making our lives miserable.