Should Christian women have a unique dress standard? This is certainly a topic on which we can find a great deal of disagreement, I’m sure. But I keep reminding myself that my opinion or someone else’s opinion can be dead wrong. I need to know what the Bible has to say.

In 1 Timothy 2:9a Paul wrote: “I also want women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety. . .” So, there is our guideline. But the differences arise over our definition of dressing modestly and decently. How can we know where to draw the line?

Well, Fran is struggling a bit with that issue. It began on Sunday when the soloist at church wore a short skirt and a tight top. She thought that was inappropriate for singing at church, but does that apply to how she dresses for work?

Today, Monday, Fran is wearing a new suit to work, and this skirt is about as short as the soloist’s at church. So, Fran is feeling some guilt, and then feeling angry that she has to feel guilty about wearing a fashionable suit. She leaves for work in a defensive, confused huff.

As she arrives at the office, she has a few minutes to get ready for her presentation. The client arrives and after everyone is settled in the conference room, Fran begins. She does her usual first-class job, and the client is impressed. She sits down next to the President and he begins asking her some further questions. Fran notices that she keeps tugging at her skirt. She seems to be continually aware of how short it is—and how much shorter it is when she is sitting than when she is standing.

Was the client noticing as well? Sure seems like it to Fran. Fran feels that nagging sense of guilt—that distance between her and Jesus because of disobedience. But then she thinks, “What have I done that’s so wrong? I just bought a nice suit and wore it.”

After the presentation, she goes back to her office and slumps in her chair. Her friend Louise pops in shortly afterwards. “What’s the matter? Didn’t your presentation go okay?”

Fran looks up. “Yeah, I think it went fine. But. . .well. . .listen, tell me what you think: Is this skirt too short?” Fran stands up and turns around for Louise to observe.

“Oh, it’s a gorgeous suit, Fran. I love that color on you,” Louise replies.

“C’mon, Louise, tell me, is it too short?” Fran insists.

“Well, it’s no shorter than anybody else’s,” Louise hedges.

“But too short for me, is that what you’re saying?” Fran asks.

“That’s not for me to say, Fran,” Louise says. “That’s between you and the Lord.”

Well, what do you think? Is Fran’s skirt too short? Is this really a spiritual issue between her and the Lord?