What does a vision look like? 

Here are five signs to help you identify your God-given vision:

Sign Number 1 – It won’t go away. As you pray about it, it gets stronger, not weaker.

Sign Number 2 – There is a need for it.

Sign Number 3 – God will open doors for you. You will see some small and/or large miracles as God opens these doors. You will be amazed, frightened, awestruck, and excited.

Sign Number 4 – Your spiritual leader(s) will encourage you.

Sign Number 5 – God will give you the right people to help you.

Elsy Riungu is my friend in Nairobi, Kenya. Several years ago at our conference there I spoke on this topic—asking God for a vision. As always, Elsy took to heart what she heard. She prayed about it, and then began a ministry to help save marriages. She rented a venue near her home—with money she didn’t have to spare—and started a monthly meeting for couples. She got speakers, planned the programs, advertised and invited, and for several years she continued that ministry.

After she began she wrote: “Couples ministry is running on well as we meet once a month. It is exciting to minister to mostly young couples. I have had three separated marriages, and after counselling, two of them are restored and enjoying their union. My desire this year is to reach families in the rural areas, where the need is enormous. Pray for me.”

She had no money, no support system backing her up. God gave her a vision, and she was obedient to it, and she was filled with joy to be doing what God has called her to do.

Are you willing to ask for a vision? It begins with prayer, but at some point you have to put feet to your prayer. Start walking through open doors and just keep taking the next right step.

Remember, when it comes to pursuing your vision:

  1. If you don’t go for it, it will fade and you’ll miss the blessing. Use it or lose it.
  2. The more you pursue God’s vision for you, the more ability and gifts you will have to do it. God will stretch you and gift you like you’ve never dreamed. But that won’t happen until you take that first step.

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