Gardening God’s Way

Aug 6, 2017

How Does Your Garden Grow?  Find out what you will need for your “Lifestyle Garden” to grow.  Print out a set of cards here. There are four cards per page.

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Pockets of Fear

Jul 9, 2017

Do you have a spirit of fear? Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the pockets of fear we have in our lives-sometimes small pockets, sometimes big ones-where we find it very difficult to trust God, and therefore we have a controlling fear in that area. What is your pocket of fear today? Will you bring it out in the open, confess it, find scripture to counteract it, and then focus on loving Jesus more perfectly in that area? If so, that fear will have to go, and you’ll be free from the control it has over you know. Truth sets you free, and Jesus is Truth. I urge you to pursue his victory over the pockets of fear in your life. You will please him when you...

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Exercising Self-Control

Jan 2, 2017

Self-control is the only hyphenated self word I’ve found in the Bible. Galatians 5:23 says that one of the fruits of the Spirit is self-control. Now, what does it mean to be self-controlled?  It means that your self—the selfish, self-centered, prideful “you” who resides in all of us—needs to be controlled. If you’re serious about being self-controlled but are finding it difficult to do, perhaps this form will help to guide your thinking and your praying, so that the Holy Spirit can start to change your thoughts and your words, and thereby change...

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How to Keep a Job – Information Kit

Jan 1, 2017

How does a Christian manage her career in today’s competitive market? You need direction that not only gives security and success, but more importantly, you want to make certain you are moving in the center of God’s will for you and your career. Wouldn’t it be helpful to know that you have a career path plan that will see you through the rough times? How To Keep Your Job Kit includes tools to help you evaluate your attitude and put a plan in place to keep it positive. It offers instruction that will help you walk through turbulent times in the...

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30 Day Love Plan

Dec 21, 2016

Here you will find a 30 day plan to help you learn to practice love by the Bible’s definition. It takes intentionality  to put God’s principles into practice otherwise they just remain words on the pages of your Bible but they don’t become transformational in your life. This 30 day plan to learn to practice love is based on 1 Corinthians 13, which gives us very explicit and practical instruction on just what it means to love. Ready to take on the challenge?   This 30 day plan is part of the Daily Encouragement devotional from January 2-6, 2017, titled “A Plan to Practice...

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