Are you in need of some rest today? Are you tired of trying to fight your own battles? Are you weary of losing them? Maybe it’s time you followed Jehoshaphat’s example and release the problem to God and let him fight the battle for you. You do have to show up; you do have to obey; you do have to march to the battlefield. But you don’t have to fight. It’s God’s fight, not yours. But first you must let go and give him control.
I want you to know that I practice these seven R’s frequently, and when I do, I always find it to be the cure for my grasshopper disease. It’s a great stress buster; it’s a great way to reduce your blood pressure. But mostly, it’s a great way to show God that you trust him.
To help you remember these seven R’s, we’ve designed a bookmark for you that you can keep handy, to remind you of what you need to do when you’re discouraged and ready to give up.


What to Do Bookmark