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Following on the themes of our last two Weekend Getaways – Fearless Joy and Courageous Faith – this year we focused on Unshakable Peace. Let’s face it – we live in a world that is neither unshakable or peaceful. Hardly a day passes when we’re not bombarded with the reality that we thought was solid, what we counted on to be steadfast, what we were sure would never change is no longer true or trustworthy. With King David of old, we lament: “When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (Psalm 11:3).

Here’s the good news: You can have unshakable peace right in the middle of this changing, uncertain world – even when it feels like your foundations are being destroyed. The weekend getaway gave lots of practical, Bible-based help on how to find and keep that kind of transcendent peace.

Alicia Williamson Garcia’s messages filled us with hope and encouragement and showed us God’s path to unshakable peace. Miriam Neff and Valerie Neff Hogan helped us understand how to make peace with our financial situation. After all, much of our stress is money-related, and learning how to find financial peace will go a long way to finding that unshakable peace. Susy Francis Best addressed common areas where our peace is threatened – when suffering from depression and anxiety. With clarity and very practical information, we learned ways to truly find victory over those dark times. Julie Woodley shared from her personal experience how to find peace in the midst of very bad news, when our tomorrow is uncertain and our foundations are shaking. On Saturday evening, she shared her amazing story of God’s grace to her in the midst of terrible abuse and rejection.

Amidst all the great music, wonderful fellowship, relaxing and peaceful surrounding, good food, and lots of laughter, we found a new understanding of what it means to live above the fears and uncertainty of our lives, and know that unshakable peace that comes from God alone. Take time to find that unshakable peace yourself as you listen to these messages from our 29th Annual Weekend Getaway.  The MP3 is on a flash drive containing recordings of the messages and workshops (5 messages & 5 workshops) for the special price of $35. (Individual messages available.  Call 630-462-0552.)

Friday Evening
Mary Lowman & Guests– Panel Discussion

Alicia Williamson Garcia ~ Because of the Covenant – Part 1
Mary Lowman ~ Making Peace with Your Future
Julie Woodley ~ From Devastation to Joy

Alicia Williamson Garcia ~ Because of the Covenant – Part 2

Mary Lowman ~ Choosing Peace in Your Everyday Life
Alicia Williams Garcia ~ Making Peace with the Mean Girl(s)
Julie Woodley ~ Making Peace with Your Circumstances

Miriam Neff & Valerie Neff Hogan ~ Peace through Financial Sanity
Susy Francis Best ~ Peace in the Midst of Our Emotional Storms