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As Christ-followers, we realize we are now in a post-Christian era, where living out our faith and standing true to biblical principles is more and more demanding and less and less understood.  But we are privileged to live at “such a time as this,” like Queen Esther in the Bible, and we have the opportunity to courageously show our worlds the transformational power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

What does that look like on your job, in  your family, with your friends?  The speakers at this year’s Weekend Getaway addressed those real-life challenges of having courageous faith while we swim upstream against today’s culture. With zeal and passion, Dámaris will both challenge and equip you in how to increase your faith and have the courage you need to live each day for Jesus.  Chrissy’s story of how God rescued her from the depths of despair and self-destruction will show how the courageous faith of her parents and many others was used by God to set her free.

Take a break from the busyness of life as you listen to these messages from our 28th Annual Weekend Getaway.  Hopefully your faith will be strengthened and your courage fortified. The flash drive contains recordings of the messages and workshops (4 messages & 3 workshops) in a convenient format for $40.

Friday Evening
Mary Lowman & Dámaris Carbaugh, with Donna Butler – Panel Discussion

Dámaris Carbaugh ~ Courage to Face What’s Out There
Mary Lowman ~ But Wait!  There’s More!

Mary Lowman ~ Courageously Taking on a New Assignment
Dámaris Carbaugh ~ Courageously Sharing Your Faith
Donna & Charles Butler ~ Courageously Escaping Your Past

Dámaris Carbaugh ~ Courage to Face What’s In There