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In order to live the abundant life that Jesus offers his followers, two things are essential: lack of fear and loads of joy. While listening to these messages you’ll hear from women who know what this fearless joy looks like because they’ve lived it. These messages will equip and encourage you to get rid of what keeps you in bondage, and live in the unbounded joy that Jesus gives.  Jill Briscoe has great wisdom to share with us from a life of serving Jesus—a life filled with joy even in the midst of much pain. Angela Yuan’s story of unrelenting prayer for a prodigal son will amaze and inspire you.

Take a break from the busyness of life as you listen to these messages from our 27th Annual Weekend Getaway.  Hopefully you will move forward with a lighter load and a heart full of joy.  The set contains recordings of the messages and workshops (7 CDs) in a convenient album for $40. (Individual messages available.  Call 630-462-0552.)

Friday Evening
Mary Whelchel & Jill Briscoe, with Dámaris Carbaugh & Angela Yuan – Panel Discussion

Jill Briscoe ~ Looking After your Interior Life with God – Part I
Mary Whelchel ~ Identity Theft is Nothing New

Mary Whelchel ~ Emptying Our Pockets of Fear
Jill Briscoe ~ Barefoot in My Heart
Angela Yuan ~ Fearless Prayers for a Prodigal Child

Jill Briscoe ~ Looking After Your Interior Life with God – Part II