I am so thankful to our Father for blessing me with life and my girlfriend,¬†Seoeun. The day He sent her to me, it made my heart feel so much happiness. Unfortunately, recently she broke up with me because she found some things that I did in the past that I’m not proud of, however I have not done them since meeting her. She has returned to her country and has cut all contacts with me. Pray that God will enable her heart to forgive me. Losing her means losing my future and my all. I wanted to ask her to be my wife one day and I pray it will still happen. I will be trying one more push to go and find her in Korea next week. Pray that the address I have for her is correct, and her family will give us their blessing. Pray that Jesus will bless this lowly follower of His and that I could reconcile with her and win back her heart. Pray she won’t reject my love for her and that my sincerity will soften her heart. I promise to always love her and cherish her till the end of my days. Pray the Lord blesses me with the wisdom, the miracle, and the destiny so that we can be back together again. Pray that I can find her there and fix it all.