Please pray for Juha who is under heavy persecution and has to face public slander. Pray that God conquers Juha’s enemies’ hearts with His powerful love, and silences their evil tongues. Bless Juha so he can see and feel how his Heavenly Father protects and guides him with holy wisdom. Pray for God’s favor to follow Juha whereever he goes and whomever he meets, and that Jesus’ heavenly light will shine from Juha and he will have victory over whatever obstacles come his way!

Please pray also for me for I have suffered for 13 years of a painful lump in my gum. The pain can get so bad it prevents me from speaking and eating. The pain overwhelms my whole being and my head feels like it’s filled with thousands of bees. I’m a widow with two lovely daughters but I am alone. Please pray that I would be able to forgive past wrongs I have faced and be set free from bitterness. Depression tries to haunt me but I put my faith in the good Lord! May He heal my damaged legs and hands as well.