Pray for my healing – for both mental health and body. One year ago, I was caught by CCTV, in the hospital ward #15, and the result of the Police case was this: two months of serious PTSD, and once in a while, while I lie in bed, flashbacks to the interrogation room. On hindsight, because the investigations took place from Sep. to Oct., this was torture for my mental health. Another damaging effect, which happened 365 days ago, was me facing one more month, to receive the results from the Police. Because of the torment of having to wait from Oct. to Nov., it has left me with a scar. I pray God’s Word, EMDR, and CBT will help me overcome these traumatic events in 2018, so from 2019 to the future, I will not be tortured by the enemy, for satan has no right to “kill, steal, or destroy” me!