I had a bad surgery 2015, where they bypassed my entire stomach. This was supposed to treat me throwing up/regurgitating every time I ate lean protein, fresh fruits & veggies, which were helping me finally feel better and lose weight. Surgery only made things worse. Still can’t eat fresh fruits & veggies, painful to drink non-carbonated water, nausea, motion sickness, muscle, tendon & bone pain due to severely low Vitamin D which isn’t responding to all of the supplements I take. None of the surgeons in my city will touchme. But, a friend out of state said her surgeon would like to meet with me. Funds are very tight, and I am dragging. I need a ram in a thicket. Please pray with me, that Dr. Stephen G. Boyce, from TN will do my surgery, that The Lord will give him the wisdom, and give favor over my case, that him and his office staff will push with my insurance to get it approved quickly. My newly saved Mom keeps saying she’s seeing a “closed door” regarding my healing and hoping I go onto disability. I’m a late bloomer, and am praying for my strength back and total restoration so that I may be used by The Lord, bless His people, and Lord willing, my life long dream of becoming a fine helpmate and Mom. This particular doctor & practice would be exceptionally encouraging and miraculous because he is the surgeon of the Mom of the gentleman whom I hope to enter courtship soon.