Please pray for me. I am 38 and have been out of work since March. I have a degree, a family, a wife, and a son. I have been applying and applying with no luck. I need a job with good pay and good benefits that doesn’t keep me away from my family for weeks at a time like my last job, where sometimes I worked 15 straight 12-hour shifts. I have excellent credit – praise God – and I desire to buy my family a home soon.  I am a faithful tither and I do love the Lord. I keep finding the wrong jobs, so pray that God will direct me to the right one where I can stay for 20-plus years until I retire. Pray that God will provide me with good and respectful people with which to work.

Pray for my wife, Stephanie, and my marriage to grow, that God would protect it so we remain together until death. Pray that we will not just remain together but actually be happy and want to be around each other.

Pray also for my health and strength. Please pray that God brings these things to pass in Jesus’ Name.