Please pray for me because I need prayer for wisdom to know how to conduct myself in my work situation. I find myself angry and disgusted and I know it is wrong to be contemptuous. My boss has not been present very much at work for weeks, and now has told my team that it is because he has a girlfriend. He is married and we all know his wife, but she doesn’t know yet what is going on. He is now living in another state and working remotely but we do not have much access to him, which impacts our work greatly. People talk about this scandal all day long and in an open cubicle environment, it is hard not to be drawn in. I need to not join in the conversation of those who are disappointed and upset, but I also do not want to ignore my teammates. I am born again and only one of them is. I daily pray for God to give me wisdom and don’t know how to respond when my boss talks to me about personal matters.