Traci April, 2014

Fresh out of college and ready to conquer the world, I entered the working world with much hope and enthusiasm.  But college had not taught me how to deal with people and I was blindsided by the lack of integrity and shocking behavior I experienced when I started working.  Naïve, weak, intimidated, and negative, I found myself lost and rapidly dying in the workplace.

Thank God for understanding my needs and leading me to The Christian Working Woman.  From Mary, I received hope and learned that my real job was to shine and represent Jesus.  I was taught that my job was my mission field and I was there for a reason until God moved me.  I learned to see others through God’s eyes, how to respond in difficult situations, and do what God wanted no matter how difficult.  Above all, I developed a more intimate relationship with God as I learned to go to Him in prayer and study His word. The lessons I learned from Mary stretched far beyond the working world and my life was changed. I truly thank God for The Christian Working Woman for helping this woman not only survive, but thrive in the working world.