TCWW daily posts emailed to me has been an absolute gem! It has given me an edge of encouragement for the day, even after my scripture reading, and prayer time in the mornings. It brings application to my workday, and I so need certain encouragement on issues faced inside and outside the workplace.

My personal testimony is with the recent, “When Your Cup Runs Over, What Spills Out?” a few weeks ago. In trying to make a certain decision, or stay away from making one (both at the same time) I came across this at the “right” time. OK, we know it was really God’s time. I would be fine for part of the morning and then I would respond to a comment without thinking first.

I was not having a good time with this troubling decision that an attitude of discontent was being exhibited in me. When I read through the week’s articles, just the title was conviction enough.  God does not want me to live with silly conviction He has already given me power to overcome.

Soooo, I intentionally went back to three people and apologized. I reevaluated why I was so troubled with this decision, and gave it over to the Lord. I still pray about it, have others pray about it too.

Circumstances have not changed yet, but I have–as I intentionally make spillages from my cup something others can acknowledge as a character glorifying God.

Even though I have had devotions and encouragement on this very same thing in times past, this, your devotional encouragement was needed that day, that hour, that minute.

I cannot thank your ministry enough.

I have been including the building up of your ministry to women (and men) for the years it has been a blessing to me. It is what Giving Tuesday is about–your ministry giving to others–so  I can also give by passing it on to encourage others.